Developing and restoring gardens of historic interest requires a range of skills and expertise.

Understanding the past, sensitivity to architectural and monumental features, the ability to work with specialist bodies,such as English Heritage, and the knowledge of previous planting styles are all necessary. Will Ridpath has been involved in the following projects:


Winchester Cathedral Close
Lee Abbey, Devon.
Queen Eleanor gardens, Great Hall, Winchester.
Cotswold Farm, nr Cirencester.


Cotswold Farm Gardens; an outstanding example of an Arts & Crafts property laid out over several decades in the first part of the 20th Century but in need of renovation and re-ordering.


A Hampshire Downs farmhouse dating back to the 16th Century. It lacked any real structure and cohesion. Yew hedges have been planted to divide the garden into usable 'rooms' and the inappropriate conifers and evergreen shrubberies taken out to make way for views and walkways.


Lee Abbey has been a place of worship and a Christian retreat house since 1945. Although the site has been occupied since B.C. the building in it's present form was constructed in the 1850's having been a hotel which fell into disrepair during WW2. Whilst the grounds are wonderfully open they are not very practical for groups wanting some privacy and importantly, shelter from the West winds! The design combined input from the residents with the creativity of Will Ridpath to put together a planning application for hedging, pergolas, an ampitheatre, outdoor dinning areas, winding walkways and wheelchair access.