Tips on planting bulbs

Bulb planting; 

Now is the time of year to get bulbs in. People often ask "how deep should I plant my bulbs"? The general rule of thumb is to plant them at three times the depth of the bulb itself. In other words if the bulb is 5cms tall ( 2") then dig a 15cms (6") hole. and maybe add a little compost if the soil is really dense - such as heavy clay.

One thing to bear in mind is that you can often create a "V" shape at the bottom of your wee bulb hole without meaning to; the bulb roots have nothing to grow into when this happens but thin air. So always check the base of the hole is level.

I usually just swirl a touch of compost around the bottom of the planting hole and try not to compact the soil above the bulb too much. You can add a pinch of slow release fertiliser too if your soil is very poor.

Hey Presto! When they emerge in spring it all seems nothing less than a miracle!