Will Ridpath is a garden designer with 25 years' experience.
He offers a complete, creative and professional garden service.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project

A complete, creative and professional garden service


"Collaboration is essential for creating successful gardens."



You may want advice on one area of your garden or you may wish to assess your entire garden. With the benefit of 25 years of experience, he can advise you on a range of issues such as planting ideas, making a child-friendly garden, dealing with planning applications and how to make the best out of your outdoor space.


Garden design for Will Ridpath is a passion; he never works in isolation but builds his designs after discussions with clients. He aims to discover their vision, their needs and lifestyle and to work these into the design. Initial sketch plans are drawn up, reviewed and budgets considered before moving to the computer-aided design stage.


Will can implement and oversee all the landscape works. This includes obtaining quotations, assembling landscape contracts, project managing and ensuring the planting is undertaken to the highest standard. You may want his advice on how best to maintain your new garden such as how and when to prune your new plants.

Previous clients & references

"Will's imaginative design exceeded all our expectations and he handled every aspect of the project with care and friendly professionalism."
Mr & Mrs Wood. St Cross.

"We have the highest confidence in his ability as a designer and a project manager. We highly recommend him to you."
Mr & Mrs Coulter. Pond Cottage, Swanmore.

"It's GREAT !!!"
Gemima (aged 12) - owner of new tree house.

"Will Ridpath is an excellent designer and creator of gardens. He has crafted for my family both a cottage and town garden with flair and ingenuity. He is reliable, charming and consultative."
Mr & Mrs Carson, Hants.

"A reliable and trustworthy service."
Lawrence Talks - Environment Agency

Winchester Cathedral

Cotswold Farm & Gardens

Lord Montagu & Beaulieu Estates

Hampshire County Council

Winchester City Council

Environment Agency

Projects International Charity

Weeke Primary School

Shakespeare Infant School

St Peter's Primary School

Private properties in London
and in the South of England.


No space can be independent of its surroundings.

Whether it is a small, town garden or a country estate - the soil, the climate, the aspect, all make up the unique nature of a particular space.

Designing and managing a garden is firstly about understanding the ecology of a space and then working with nature, not against it.

The needs of the owner or those who use the area can then be worked into this setting. After all, gardens are for people.

It may be a place for pleasure, for fun, for relaxation, entertaining, for attracting wildlife or a combination of all of these.

By using materials from sustainable sources and creating spaces that do not put stress on the natural environment, there can be endless ways to be creative, colourful and inspirational.

Understanding Nature

I believe a good understanding of nature is essential to creating good design.

Answering the right questions will inform the design process:

Which plants flourish in the soil type

Which are their natural habitats and groupings?

What patterns can be seen in the surrounding landscape and  learnt from?